STCB provides leadership in sea turtle research and conservation in the Caribbean region. We share our findings and expertise, deliver training, and establish projects among conservation programs in the region.

  • In July 2015 Marjolijn Christianen and her team (Jurjan van der Zee and Sandra Striegel, University of Groningen) arrived on Bonaire, which is the beginning of a promising partnership that complements STCB’s long term monitoring and research work on Bonaire. The partners got a grant sponsored by the NWO (Dutch National Research Organization) to study connectivity of sea turtles both in relation to nesting and foraging among Dutch Caribbean Islands. This project will provide relevant scientific information that will enhance existing sea turtle conservation management in the Dutch Caribbean. During the summer of 2015 the NWO team worked on Aruba with Turtuga Aruba and in Curaçao with Carmabi, assisted by STCB staff member ‘Funchi’ Gielmon Egbreghts.


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