Seagrass Protection

In recent years Lac’s seagrass has come under threat from increasing recreational use. In 2008, the seagrass beds in front of the windsurfing centers moved into a significantly rapid decline in size and density as a result of trampling by waders and scarring by windsurf equipment.

  • In response, STCB and Progressive Environmental Solutions placed floating lines and prominent signs at the two windsurf centers. This sea grass project at Sorobon has been running since 2008 and aims to reduce the human trampling and destruction of these important ecosystems for the Lac area. Over the past few years STCB has led this project supported by STINAPA and initially by two of the companies operating in the Sorobon Peninsula, Jibe City and The Windsurf Place.

    However, in March 2016, STCB organized a stakeholders meeting to share the results from an evaluation of this important project. STCB presented an evaluation which showed that trampling has been reduced but that there are still a lot of people, especially windsurfers and cruise tourists, who disregard the lines that are protecting the sea grass, so more awareness is still needed. Stakeholders expressed their interest in being more involved in the project and in supporting STINAPA Bonaire with the management of the area. During this meeting the leadership of this project was handed to STINAPA, starting from April 2016. 

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