Fishing Line Project

This project aims to protect sea turtles from entanglement in discarded fishing line, hooks, nets and other debris found on Bonaire’s coral reefs.

Tangler Bins

Discarded fishing gear poses a serious threat of entanglement and drowning to our endangered sea turtles.

STCB is recruiting volunteer recreational SCUBA divers, snorkelers and walkers to remove the fishing lines that have become snagged on our reefs and shores. When they sign up for the project, volunteers are given special instruction in safely removing the lines and an easy-to-understand poster that has been made to instruct diving, snorkeling and non-diving volunteers on how to deal with the lines.

“TAngler Bins”, pvc-pipes specially constructed to be used as collection bins for fishing lines, have been installed at several beaches, popular fishing spots and dive sites around Bonaire. Fishers, volunteers and the general public are encouraged to deposit all waste fishing line, hooks, lures and nets into the bins.

Keep an eye on our Facebook page to learn more about our clean-up fishing line events.

You can help!

You can help! To remove discarded fishing line from the reef, volunteers must:

  • be experienced SCUBA divers with excellent buoyancy skills, or experienced snorkelers and follow protocols to ensure personal safety and to protect the coral reef from damage.
  • dispose of collected line in special STCB Tangler bins.
May 2019, entangled adult hawksbill.
This female adult hawksbill was found at Monk’s Haven at a depth of 85 feet, entangled in fishing line. Local divemaster Nolly was able to bring her to the surface and safely remove the fishing line from her neck and right front flipper, before releasing her again.

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