Available only on Bonaire, all STCB clothing is made from soft, earth-friendly 100% organic cotton & recycled plastic bottles.

You can buy original STCB T-shirts, research hats and jewelry at VIP Diving, Dive Friends Bonaire Retail Store, Harbour Village Beach Club, Dive Friends @ Resort Bonaire (coming soon!), Divi Flamingo Beach Resort and at our office. Because these businesses donate their retail services, 100% of the profits from every STCB item you buy go directly to sea turtle conservation.

Our office (Kaya Korona #53) is open on weekdays between 9:00am and 5:00pm (unless we’re out in the field).


STCB Tees, Necklaces & Hats


Each STCB T-shirt is unique; the original design is printed by hand on Bonaire with screens and non-toxic inks. Shirts come in a variety of colors and are made from 100% organic cotton and recycled plastic.

Washing instructions: Machine wash cold, do not bleach, tumble-dry low.

Sizes: Women’s small to extra-large, Men’s medium to extra-large.

Price: $30 (100% organic cotton) / $35 (recycled plastic)

STCB Necklaces

STCB’s sea turtle necklaces are the product of artisans in Costa Rica and Bonaire. Costa Rican artisans carve sea turtle pendants from bone, beach seed and horn. Thereby generating income alternative to the traditional but unsustainable harvest of sea turtles and their eggs in Costa Rica.

Bonaire artisans then use jeweler’s wire and natural fiber cord to craft the pendants into necklaces. Developing economic benefit from conservation tourism is another way that STCB and the community are working to build support for the protection of sea turtles.

Price: $25 (small) / $30 (large)

STCB Research Hats

Each STCB Research Hat, made of heavy-duty organic cotton, is unique, with STCB badges that are hand-printed and hand-sewn on Bonaire. Each hat is also fitted with a metal tag imprinted with an identification code that matches one worn by a sea turtle that has been tagged and released in STCB’s research program.

Price: $30 each

When you buy an STCB hat, you can look up your hat code here and learn about the sea turtle that shares your code!

STCB Vendor Locations

Vendor locations & details

VIP Diving

J.A. Abraham Blvd 77

(+599) 701-7701 / 701-7702

Dive Friends Bonaire Retail

52 Kaya Gob. N. Debrot

(+599) 717-4070

Harbour Village Beach Club

Kaya Gob. N. Debrot 71

(+599) 717-7500

Divi Flamingo Resort

J.A. Abraham Blvd 40

(+599) 717-8285

Dive Friends @Resort Bonaire

Kaya Saturnus

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