Our People

STCB has four permanent staff members. Our team is strengthened by enthusiastic interns and a large community of volunteers.

  • Kaj Schut, Manager

    Kaj Schut moved to Bonaire in 2015 and joined Sea Turtle Conservation Bonaire in August 2016. She has a Bachelor of Arts in European Studies from the University of Amsterdam and holds a MSc degree in Environment and Development from the University of Edinburgh. Between 2016 and 2019, Kaj was responsible for the development and implementation of the communication, education and public awareness (CEPA) plans that serve STCB’s entire program. Since 2020, Kaj serves as the Manager of STCB. Contact Kaj at stcb@bonaireturtles.org

  • Mabel Nava, Consultant

    Mabel Nava is originally from Venezuela; the island of Bonaire has been her home for two decades. Mabel has a Bachelor of Science with a major in psychology from Canyon College U.S.A and holds an MSc degree in Sustainable Development Coastal Management from the University of Cadiz. Mabel served as STCB’s Manager from 2005 to 2019 and now supports the organization as a consultant/advisor. Contact Mabel at mabel@bonaireturtles.org. 

  • Gielmon ‘Funchi’ Egbreghts, Field Specialist

    Gielmon “Funchi ” Egbreghts is originally from Bonaire. Though Funchi spent some years in Holland he came back to Bonaire when he was a teenager. Funchi started to work for STCB in 2003 and was trained as a field specialist by turtle specialist Dr. Robert van Dam. Funchi is a part time fisherman and a trained dive master and used to do underwater photography as part of his work. Naturally Funchi is an expert when it comes to turtles and the ocean; he is fun, caring and enthusiastic about sharing his knowledge with everyone.

  • Daan Zeegers, Field Coordinator

    Daan Zeegers is from the Netherlands and moved to Bonaire in 2018. Daan was a volunteer before joining STCB’s team in April 2020 as Field Coordinator. Daan has a passion for the marine environment: he is an experienced boat captain and enjoys (free)diving. Contact Daan at field@bonaireturtles.org.

  • The Caribbean Research Programme of the Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research


  • Ger Bakker, President

    Rob Hulsbergen, Treasurer

    Rosa Hoes

    Viktor Wijnand

    Vera Maartens

  • On the initiative of founders Larry Gerharts and Albert de Soet, the foundation STCB-NL was formed in 1991 in Amsterdam. In 1992, the foundation based locally on Bonaire was established (STCB-Bonaire).  For many years, STCB-NL provided support to STCB-Bonaire, with fundraising in the Netherlands as one of their main objectives. At this time the STCB-NL organization is dormant.

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