Our Mission

Sea Turtle Conservation Bonaire’s mission is to ensure that Bonaire’s sea turtles have a secure future, and to connect people to sea turtle conservation in ways that inspire caring for nature.

  • Vision & Values

     STCB is a model of excellence for sea turtle research and conservation. We are:

    • Credible: We are role models, use best practices, are transparent, communicate with integrity, are independent and do not compromise on our values.
    • Engaged. We are part of the Community. We train professionals and educate the new generation about Bonaire’s natural capital, with focus on sea turtles.
    • Responsible. We are accountable towards our stakeholders, we manage our NGO effectively, care for our staff/volunteers. We offer fair trade products.
    • Passionate. We are passionate about sea turtles and what we do. We explore our passion and have dedicated and committed people involved.
    • Professional. We are experts in our field of research and monitoring, are protocol driven, with a high standard of practice, are well documented and always on call.
    • Accountable. We manage our funding, finances, organisation, resources and daily operations in a sustainable way and with a long-term vision.

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