This wooden turtle keychain has been engraved with a unique tag number that matches a sea turtle that has been tagged as part of STCB’s tagging program. After purchasing your very own Tag-A-Turtle, you can find your tag number and discover all about your turtle!

When you see a turtle with a tag on its front flipper, it’s a sign that important information is being gathered. STCB staff carefully capture, tag, weigh and measure hundreds of sea turtles each year, gathering data that helps us determine growth rates, the health status of our resident turtles, their movement and estimations of turtle abundance.

When you buy a Tag-A-Turtle, you can look up your tag number below and learn about the turtle that shares your code. You can see the turtle’s data, including:

  • the date the turtle was tagged
  • its species
  • its weight and measurements
  • its photo record
  • where in Bonaire’s waters it was captured and released
  • whether it has been recaptured since its initial tagging

Already have your Tag-A-Turtle? Find your tag number below and meet your adopted sea turtle!

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