Hat Tag Program

Each STCB Research Hat, made of organic cotton, is unique, as they are fitted with a metal tag imprinted with an identification code that matches a sea turtle that has been tagged and released in STCB’s research program.

  • Price: $30 each

    When you buy an STCB hat, you can look up your hat code below and learn about the sea turtle that shares your code. You can see the turtle’s data including:

    • the date the turtle was tagged
    • its species
    • its weight and measurements (SCL max = size in cm; weight is in kg)
    • its photo record
    • where in Bonaire’s waters it was captured and released
    • whether it has been recaptured since its initial tagging

    Hats are available in jungle green, navy blue, grey, earth and off-white. The hats are all 100% organic cotton and they are hand-printed and hand-sewn on Bonaire. An adjustable strap makes these hats one-size-fits-all.

    At the moment we are updating our database. In case you would like to know more about your code at this moment please send us an e-mail at stcb@bonaireturtles.org

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Hat Tag Codes

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