Fundraising Auction

STCB Fundraising Auction: Place Your Bid Now!

Sea Turtle Conservation Bonaire will be organizing another Fundraising Auction this year. The auction will take place on the evening of November 25 at Landhuis Wanapa.

The Fundraising Auction is a great creative project that combines creativity, fun, nature education and fundraising. The purpose of the project is to raise much needed funds for STCB, to help to protect Bonaire’s endangered sea turtles; which includes nesting beach protection and habitat conservation and aims to reduce the threats to Bonaire’s sea turtles.

How will it work? Participants will decorate and donate a plywood version of the STCB turtle image, available from the STCB office (Kaya Korona #53), or create their own artwork. Once the artwork is complete, artists will return it, ready to hang, to be auctioned at Landhuis Wanapa on 25th November 2017. Artworks will also be exhibited at the STCB office and selected locations prior to the auction, and promoted through the STCB Fundraising website: In addition to the artworks, the Fundraising Auction will also include other items and services, such as jewelry, hotel stays, private dinners and much more.

Check out the STCB Fundraising website, and don’t forget to place your bid!

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