• You can adopt a sea turtle nest in 2018!!

    Sea Turtle Conservation Bonaire offers companies and individuals on Bonaire and further afield the opportunity to Adopt-A-Nest. Adopting a nest is a meaningful way to link your company’s brand or your name to the protection of Bonaire’s most iconic wildlife. You can Adopt-A-Nest by donating $600, thereby investing in a sustainable future for Bonaire’s sea turtles.

    Nest Adoption Benefits

    Supporting Bonaire’s widely-loved sea turtles by adopting a nest allows for prominent visibility: through press, word of mouth and social media STCB puts the nest adopters’ name and logo in the spotlight. But that’s not all: the adopters also receive a unique Adopt-A-Nest certificate, and their name and/or logo are displayed on STCB’s Nest-O-Meter.

    Each adoption includes

    • A certificate of adoption
    • The story of the hatchings of your adopted nest
    • Increased exposure for your company
    • A more secure future for Bonaire’s sea turtles


    For more information regarding the Adopt-A-Nest program please e-mail or call +599 717 2225.

  • How a symbolic nest adoption helps Bonaire’s sea turtles

    Your donation for our Adopt-A-Nest program helps us to protect the nests that are laid on Bonaire’s beaches in the interests of sea turtle survival. Your support enables us to:

    • Relocate nests that are in danger of drowning;
    • Rescue newborn turtles that become wrapped in roots during hatching;
    • Sustain the popular Beachkeeper program;
    • Collect data that will help us protect nests better, as well as reveal the health status of Bonaire’s sea turtles.

Thank you!

Sea turtles are Bonaire’s most charismatic species. They are valued for their role in maintaining healthy ecosystems and their importance to our tourism-driven local economy. Adopting a sea turtle nest is a rewarding way to contribute towards keeping these endangered creatures safe while ensuring their longevity. The following companies and individuals have already joined Adopt-A-Nest 2018:

Cargill Salt Bonaire B.V., Corendon FoundationCasa PresiosodNM Interim, Dinska Dolmen, H.I.C.C. Kantoormeubelen, Blue Jay Holding Bonaire, Ashley & Barrett Jackson, Becky & Lester Litton, Jim & Judy Kewley, Mentha CapitalWildconscienceBonaire LogisticsHarbourtown Real EstateGreat Adventures (Harbour Village Beach Club), Doris & Martin Elle, Gijs Botman Family, Administratiekantoor Brandaris B.V., ABC Travel, VIP Diving, SunRentals Bonaire, Buts Technical Consultancy, Kooyman Bonaire, Bonaire Office Systems, Sand Dollar Canasta Group, Terramar Luxury Apartments, Den Laman Condominiums, Nederlands-Belgische schildpaddenvereniging, Martin Verheijden, International Tax Advisors BV, De Statiegeld B.V.Sunbelt Realty Bonaire, In memory of Marlyn Kader, Qvillas, CAVO AmsterdamDive Friends Bonaire, Villa Kiki BonairePiet Boon Bonaire, RE/MAX Paradise Homes and Hamlet Oasis Resort.

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