Sea turtles are Bonaire’s most charismatic species. They are valued for their role in maintaining healthy ecosystems and their importance to our tourism-driven local economy. Adopting a sea turtle nest is a rewarding way to contribute towards keeping these endangered creatures safe while ensuring their longevity. We would like to thank the following companies and individuals for adopting 38 sea turtle nests of Adopt-A-Nest 2017, thereby investing in a sustainable future for Bonaire’s sea turtles!

Would you like to Adopt-A-Nest? Please email or call +599 717 2225.

  • Your company can adopt a sea turtle nest in 2018!!

    Sea Turtle Conservation Bonaire offers companies the opportunity to ADOPT-A-NEST, a meaningful way to link your company’s brand to the protection of Bonaire’s most iconic wildlife. Your company can ADOPT-A-NEST by donating $600, thereby investing in a sustainable future for Bonaire’s sea turtles.

    Nest Adoption Benefits

    A nest adoption links your company to the protection of Bonaire’s widely loved and endangered sea turtles. Through press, word of mouth and social media your company will achieve increased visibility and awareness – all of it demonstrating your company’s commitment to the local community.

    Each adoption includes

    • A certificate of adoption
    • The story of the hatchings of your adopted nest
    • Increased exposure for your company
    • A more secure future for Bonaire’s sea turtles


    For more information regarding the ADOPT-A-NEST program please e-mail or call +599 717 2225.

  • How a symbolic nest adoption helps Bonaire’s sea turtles

    Bonaire provides nesting habitat for three species of marine turtles: hawksbill, green, and loggerhead turtles. Most turtle nests are laid on the beaches that lie along the northeast coast of Klein Bonaire, on and around “No Name Beach”.  Your donation for our ADOPT-A-NEST program helps STCB to protect these nests in the interests of sea turtle survival.


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