Satellite Tracking Update: ‘Flappie’

27th August 2020
We have some great news to share! STCB staff and volunteers have patrolled Bonaire’s nesting beaches several nights during the 2019 & 2020 nesting season to deploy a satellite transmitter, sponsored by ContourGlobal, on a nesting turtle. However, we didn’t find a female turtle… until Wednesday 26th August, when a female hawksbill came ashore at Harbour Village Bonaire! After ‘Flappie’ (named by ContourGlobal staff) finished laying her nest, we deployed the transmitter and she was released again around 3:00am. We would like to thank ContourGlobal for sponsoring this satellite transmitter, Harbour Village security guards Reyes & Jose for informing us and STCB’s volunteers for their enthusiasm and support (even at 3:00am!)!

4th September 2020
Last week we deployed a satellite transmitter on a hawksbill turtle named ‘Flappie’. We’ve been receiving signals from her transmitter and we’re happy to share that ‘Flappie’ is still on the west coast of Bonaire and may lay another nest sometime next week. We’ll keep you posted!

15th September 2020
Approximately three weeks after we deployed a satellite transmitter on ‘Flappie’, a female hawksbill, she has left Bonaire and is now heading west! Where do you think she’s going?

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