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In 2017, around 12,155 turtles hatched from nests on Klein Bonaire and Bonaire. From those, only 12 will make it back to Bonaire in 15-20 years. With your help, we can change the odds, so that more baby turtles have the chance to be the 1 in 1,000.




Hat Tag Program

Each STCB Research Hat, made of organic cotton, is unique, as they are fitted with a metal tag imprinted with an identification code that matches a sea turtle that has been tagged and released in STCB’s research program.
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Change the odds: help us save Bonaire’s sea turtles.

This wooden turtle keychain has been engraved with a unique tag number that matches a sea turtle that has been tagged as part of STCB’s tagging program. After purchasing your very own Tag-A-Turtle, you can find your tag number and discover all about your turtle!
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Turtle Scientist

Did you know that you can learn to be a turtle scientist with STCB? Learn more about our intern placement opportunities!
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