The Great Migration Game Rules


What is this Contest?
A brand new, completely free contest for Bonaire high school students to win great prizes. Make a prediction where sea turtles will return after nesting on Bonaire using new online Google mapping technology. Make the closest prediction and win!

How to Participate
Predicting (and Winning) is Easy! Here is a step-by-step guide:

  1. Research - Visit our Previously Tracked Turtles webpage to improve your odds of winning the competition by learning about where this turtle may go.
  2. Get your “Turtle Code” - In order to register you will need to enter a turtle code. Ask your school administrators for a Turtle Code Card. This code can only be used once and cannot be shared by more than one student.
  3. Predict - With your unique “Turtle Code” you can register and make your prediction online. Choose wisely as you can only predict once. Predictions must be in by no later than 5:00 pm Friday September 23rd.
  4. Follow the Turtle - On our Satellite Tracking webpage you can follow the turtle live as the transmitter feed comes in. When the turtle’s migration is complete we will determine a central point of the turtles foraging grounds. If your prediction is closest you win! Tracking will begin in late September or early October.



Top Prize - The student with the closest prediction to our turtle’s foraging grounds will receive a brand new smart phone and one-year of full 4G service from Digicel.

Runners Up - The top ten students will receive a day with Bonaire’s turtles: kayaking, snorkeling and swimming with Sea Turtle Conservation Bonaire staff, volunteers and of course Bonaire’s turtles. Students will also receive a DVD video of their day and their choice of STCB gear (hat, shirt or necklace).





Terms and conditions

Only students currently enrolled in SGB highschool, E-college, the Stitching Project or home school, living on Bonaire are eligible for this contest. Predictions will be accepted no later than 5:00 pm on September 23rd. Only one prediction will be accepted per student. If a student makes more than one prediction all of his/her predictions will be disqualified.

If no turtle is available for tracking the contest will be cancelled. If the transmitter fails to operate for any reason the contest may be cancelled, however if the turtle has been migrating for some time STCB may declare the turtle's last transmission to be the central foraging ground and thus the winners would be determined from that point.

If you believe an error has occurred in regards to your prediction please inform us, but know that we cannot guarantee the accuracy and performance of this tracking contest, the sea turtle transmissions or website programs. We are not responsible for your participation in this contest or any dispute arising in regard to contest winners and prizes.